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Water is the fundamental element of life, and symbolizes purity.

Worldwide, 1.1 billion people have less than 20 liters of clean water available each day, which is the minimum daily water requirement per person as defined by the WHO (World Health Organization.) Today more than 2 billion people are forced to drink contaminated water. The quality of water is influenced by many factors. Sustained good water quality can no longer be guaranteed for a particular use. Natural catastrophes, ground water and rainwater impacts from industry, and regional changes have negative short and long-term effects on water quality. Preventive water disinfection is therefore of increased interest to water supply companies.

VISADES systems provide an environmentally friendly way to protect your water from germs, while maintaining neutral taste and smell.

VISADES stands for world-class, efficient, and low-cost UV water disinfection. UV disinfection systems are generally used wherever excessive viral or bacteriological loads are present or can be present in water

Major areas of application for UV disinfection systems:

Municipal Water Distribution Food Industry

Private Water Sources (Wells)

Pharmaceutical industry
Rainwater Usage Process water disinfection
Emergency Drinking Water Supply High-purity water generation
Swimming Pool Disinfection Wastewater disinfection       
Air Conditioning and Cooling Water Treatment Snowmaking equipment



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