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Our experience in UV disinfection and expertise in water treatment make us a reliable partner from design through operation to maintenance. We help our customers to find the optimal solution.

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VISADES disinfection systems are equipped with the most modern control components in order to offer the greatest possible flexibility for your requirements. Reliable monitoring and visualization and the selected and proven sensors support you in the operation of your water supply system.

VISADES UV disinfection systems are used to ensure the microbiological requirements of the water. The main application of these systems is in the drinking water sector of communal and private water supplies.

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VISADES UV Disinfection systems are used where the microbiological quality of water cannot be guaranteed. The main application of these systems is in the drinking water sector of municipal and private water supplies. VISADES Disinfection systems are also used successfully in emergency supplies for drinking water, rain water processing, swimming pool disinfection as well as climate and cooling water treatment. Moreover, the food and pharmaceutical industries profit from our VISADES technologies.

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November 6, 2023

UV-Anlagen für kleine Durchflussmengen in Kombination mit dynamischer Regeleinheit. Um den Betrieb auch bei schlechten Bedingungen aufrecht zu erhalten.

March 16, 2023

NEW WEBSITE We are very pleased to be able to present our new website to you, where you can find all the information and news about the company, our products and our new developments at www.VISADES.com. In the Products section, we present our models of UV systems.

March 16, 2023
New certificates according to EN-M 5873-1:2020

New certificates according to ON-M5873-1:2020 The previous standard for UV disinfection systems ON-M 5873-1 has been replaced by a new variant - we are already working on the implementation for our products.

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